At Studio 204 our goal is to bring the human element to your photo and video projects.  Visually stimulating creative photos and videos that just work. With you and the rest of your team, we create a plan that will not only yield results but will tell your brand's story.

Whether you're just getting started or you're ready to take things to the next level we would love to chat about what a partnership with Studio 204 can do for you! 🤟🏼

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Check out some of the companies that trust us to tell their story 🙌 


Grant Mackenzie

Jupiter Hollow / Colony

The guys at Studio 204 really know how to make us stand out online, and that's hard in today's day and age. Excited to work on more!

Andrew Decola

Decola Windows and Doors 

Jake and Marlin have been shooting projects for our family business for a few years and we are thrilled with how every photoshoot turns out.

Alison LaMantia


Studio 204 does great work and they're super nice people who care about their clients' success. They've made the experience painless!

Kendal Netmaker


Studio 204 was awesome to work with! I had a gig in Banff and they were ready to take it on and over deliver! Great working with them!


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