ZTE Canada 📲

Working with one of China's leading telecom equipment manufacturers, was no small task. With such a large reach in China and the United States ZTE has continually been expanding operations to Canada.

Through our partnership with Digital Giants Inc. we are able to create a variety of types of content for ZTE's website and Social Media feeds.

To feature a new type of product called "The Connected Car Solution" we created 6 "15 Second" videos to highlight the different uses. By leveraging curated content we were able to create videos that yielded results. In fact, the videos were streamed through Facebook Ad's for almost 60 days straight. They never stopped playing. This was a huge compliment to us and proved that strategically storyboarding will get the results you're after!

Check out the 6 videos we created below.

We have also created a ton of content for ZTE's social feeds. Specifically Instagram and Facebook.

We have featured a variety of products in a variety of different styles.

Here's some of our favourite shots below,

Working ZTE is always a collaborative, and fun experience. We look forward to what the future has store for our partnership! 🎉