Why are you called Studio 204? 🤔

Disclaimer: We're not professional writers, but we do our best! 😂

We get this question a lot... but it's one of our favourite stories to tell!

Let me start at the beginning. It's July 2013- we just graduated from the Georgian College photography program. We headed straight to the work force. Me working at Future Shop and Marlin working at a local vet clinic. 8 months went by just like that!

March 15th, 2014 (8 months since college graduation) I found an ad on Kijiji .. it read OFFICE FOR RENT DT ORILLIA. The price was cheap .. I mean really cheap, so I took my mom and we checked it out. For the price, it seemed great. Sure, it wasn't perfect but it was perfect for us. So I called up Marlin... I can remember the exact words. "Let's start a photography Studio. I found a place in Orillia and it's super cheap". Without any hesitation, Marlin said, " I'm down, let's see it!"

2 weeks later we had the keys to our beautiful new studio located at 5 Peter Street South, Orillia, Ontario. I knew Orillia well, I went to high school there for 4 years. Marlin didn't know Orillia that much, but it didn't long to figure out all of the Orillia secrets. For example, Pizza Pizza was across the road.. which meant Pizza whenever we needed it but more importantly FREE WIFI!! (Free anything when you start a business is a blessing! 💯)

5 Peter Street South, Orillia, Ontario + Pizza Pizza😹

THE OG OFFICE - 2014 Studio 204

It's April 1st and were both sitting in the new office, with our fancy new Ikea desks, and our new (not so comfy) Walmart futon and it occurs to us, what's our name? How will people find us?

We went through tons of name ideas. Some alright, some not so good! Haha

Jake and Marlin Photography? ❌

2 for 1 Studios? ❌

Encore Studios ❌

Marlin made a joke that our unit number in our building was 204. We always wanted a studio so I said, "Why not Studio 204?" As we both pondered for a minute we decided to try it out.

After messaging friends and family with our new name the verdict was in, Studio 204 was winner.

Studio 204? ✅

And with that, 5 years later our business is Studio 204. Not because of our unit #, not because of our website domain, but because of what Studio 204 means to us.

Studio 204 is not just a business name, its testament to all the blood, sweat and tears over the last 5 years. Studio 204 is us to the core and were so proud to share it with you! 🙌

- Jake and Marlin

Studio 204 Founders