Catholic Family Services Simcoe County

Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County is a non-profit organization offering professional counselling services and education. Their services are available to everyone living or working in Simcoe County regardless of age, ability, cultural or religious background, race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Catholic family services needed a way to show that their space isn't scary, its not hard to find and its quite an easy experience! They chose video to do this. We created 3 (1 minute) long videos. Check them out them out below!

The outcome? The videos created brand identity, and trust before the clients even entered the building.

Client Interview

Walk Through Video (SCFS Building, Barrie, Ontario)

About Us Video

The videos play an important purpose throughout their website. You can check that out here!

Want a way to add trust to you brand? Video's a great way to do it! Send us a message to learn how video can help to your business to new heights!

- Jake