California, USA

California is one of our favourite places in the United States to travel. Their's so much diversity there. I mean how could you not love a place where you can surf in the morning and snowboard in the afternoon... (Still have to try that!) We have been fortunate enough to travel to California 5 times for work and pleasure in the last 3 years. We've seen a ton, but have yet to see it all. Northern California is next on the adventure list.

Driving Highway 1 (Pacific Coastal Highway) was surely surreal.. the views, the feeling you got was just amazing! If you ever have the opportunity to drive from LA, to San Fransisco I would highly recommend it. Some of the best food can be found only that trip.

For the money saving travellers like us, there are tons of Hostels, Hotels and campsites all over California. Check out our post on how to travel on a budget!

Where will you go next? Share some of your favourite cali photos in the comments! We would love to see them. đź‘€

- Jake

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